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Montag, 28. Juli 2008

Conference Roundup & Wicket

I'll be giving a bunch of talks at conferences in the near future. Here are the dates:

Berlin.jar in Berlin (
Performance Tuning of Hibernate / JPA applications

JAX-Conf San Jose (
Hibernate Search (This talk could actually change in topic)

W-JAX in Munich (
Performance Tuning of Hibernate / JPA applications
Introduction to Domain Driven Design

On another note I started to completely revamp the codebase of the music magazine I started back in 1997 or something. The magazine is called Allschools Network and I'm no longer responsible for it but in the background I'm still working for it in terms of IT-related stuff. Currently I'm nearly done with a refactoring form horrible table based layout PHP Code towards a kick-ass Java based software. The ingredients of the new version are:
  • YAML based layout
  • Wicket as web framework
  • Spring for wiring, AOP, transactions
  • Hibernate + Annotations for persistence
  • Lucene + Hibernate Search for fulltext search
  • EHCache for caching
Let me just loose some words on Wicket: I'm totally sold on it. I'm not a web developer so I see a lot of the GUI related stuff from a different perspective and Wicket felt totally natural to me. This is (for me) _the best_ Web Framework out there. Expect more news on Allschools in the near future.